App Status and Settings

Update App Settings

You can update the permitted information of your registered app from the App Settings tab anytime. App informations like platform and bundle ID cannot be changed, but new in-app actions or languages can be added or integration credentials can be updated anytime.

Created in-app action keys cannot be changed, if you need to make changes to the in-app action keys, you need to create a new one.

If you add a new language to the supported languages in your app, remember that these changes are not automatically reflected in your current paywalls. You need to recreate your paywalls and provide new language translations. Until you recreate your paywalls, the primary language is displayed as the new supported language.

App Status

When your app is first created, it's in In development status. Whenever your app is live with Deepwall and first live purchase receipt is received, your app automatically switches to Live status.

Delete Apps

You can delete your apps whenever you need, but please be careful doing so as this is a permanent process and can not be undone.

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