Manual Traffic Allocation

Learn how to manually manage paywall traffic

If automatic traffic optimization is enabled, Deepwall manages traffic allocation automatically for your users and offers the most revenue-generating option to each user. We highly recommend you to enable optimization to manage revenue optimization more easily and efficiently.

See the following guide to learn more about optimization.

pageHow Optimization Works?

If you prefer manual traffic optimization in your experiment, you can manage the traffic allocation between tested paywalls manually from the Deepwall management console.

Use update button to change the traffic allocation for manually managed experiments.

You will see the current traffic allocation values of paywalls. You can increase the traffic allocation percentage for high-performing paywalls and you can decrease the traffic allocation percentage for poor-performing paywalls. The sum of traffic allocation of all paywalls should be always be 100%. Use the Save button when you have completed your changes. New traffic allocation rates are immediately activated.

If you cannot see the traffic change button, make sure manual traffic allocation is enabled for the experiment. For experiments with automatic traffic optimization enabled, traffic for paywall display is automatically managed.

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