Displaying ATT Prompts

Learn how you will display your ATT prompts to your users

After you have created ATT in-app actions, and designed and confirmed your ATT prompts, you are ready for setting up the display of these prompts to your users.

For this, you need to use ATT Display menu under App Tracking in the Deepwall management console, which allows you to manage which prompts will be displayed to which target users.

You can target your users geographically and display different prompts to your users in different countries. You can also use language or attribution-based targeting to display prompts to your users.

You also have the option to display different prompts to your users who installed your app for the first time and for your users who use it regularly.

Activate Default Display

First, you need to activate default displays for the default prompts that'll be displayed to all of your users for a specific in-app action key, and then you can create as many displays as you want for different target audiences.

Deepwall creates default displays for each in-app action to display to your users by default. You should configure those default displays by choosing the prompts to display and start them before creating targeted displays.

When you are finished with the default display configuration and started it, your users who are not being targeted with any other active display will start to see the prompts you have set with default displays.

Create Targeted Displays

After you have configured and activated your default target audiences, you can create displays for different target audiences according to their countries, languages, and/or by targeting them according to their attribution.

Create a new display by clicking Add ATT Display in the ATT Display menu. While creating a display, you choose your target users and prompts to display. If you want to display a different prompt to your users who downloaded and opened your app for the first time, you can choose different prompts for the first display and subsequent displays.

When you are finished with the display configuration, just start it. Now your targeted users will start seeing the prompts you have set.

Display Reports

After you have activated a display, you can use Display Report to track how many times your prompts have been viewed by your users, and how many ATT consent or denial have been given from this display in detail.

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