Instructions for initializing Deepwall SDKs

Before starting to implement Deepwall into your app, you need to register your app on the Deepwall management console and get the client API key.

If you have not registered your app yet, please refer to the guide for app registration.

App Registration

Import and Initialize

After you have completed the installation of our SDK for your platform, you can import and initialize the Deepwall SDK in your app.

import DeepWall
let yourApiKey = "{CLIENT_API_KEY}"
let environment: DeepWallEnvironment = .production
DeepWall.initialize(apiKey: yourApiKey, environment: environment)

You should only initialize Deepwall once, usually on app launch.

Client API Key

You need to replace {CLIENT_API_KEY} with your app specific key created by Deepwall during app registration. You can get this key from the Deepwall management console. Just navigate to the App Settings page on the Integration tab.


Depending on whether you built your app for testing or for production, you must set the environment as sandbox or production.

This value should be set to .sandbox only during the testing phase of your application. Make sure to set the environment to .production just before you publish the app.

We use this environment to distinguish between real traffic and test traffic from test devices. It is very important that you set this value accordingly.

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