Setup In-App Products

Learn how to setup products on App Store Connect

In-app products in Deepwall represent the in-app products (subscriptions or one-time purchases) that users purchase on mobile platforms (App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei AppGallery) via your mobile app.

So you need to set up your in-app products for your iOS apps on the App Store Connect first before registering them to Deepwall.

Create In-App Products on App Store Connect

1. Click the + icon next to In-App Purchases and select an in-app purchase type you want to add

2. Enter a Reference Name and your Product ID

3. Tick Auto Premium or Create New Subscription Group. Then click Create

4. Tick Availability, choose a Subscription Duration, turn on/off Family Sharing and add Subscription Prices by clicking +

5. Click + to add Localization

6. Choose files for App Store Promotion (Optional) and Review Information and click Save to create your in-app product

You can also find product details here after you have saved your changes.

Get Your Product Code on App Store Connect

1. Log into your account to App Store Connect and click My Apps

2. Choose an app

3. Click Manage under In-App Purchases on the left menu and get your Product Code under the Product ID column

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