Closing a Paywall

Instructions for closing a paywall via Deepwall SDKs

App-Triggered Close

Deepwall closes paywalls only if a user closes the opened paywall. For other cases, Deepwall gives the initiative to the developer to take the necessary action to close open paywalls in their app flow.

The best practice to follow for apps is to close an open paywall whenever a user makes a successful purchase or if a restore is successful and the user has an active subscription.

Use the close paywall method to close the currently opened paywall.


User-Triggered Close

All paywalls have a close button, and whenever the close button is clicked by the user, Deepwall closes the paywall automatically and sends close event.

Deepwall sends the deepwallPaywallClose event for iOS and CLOSEDevent for Android whenever a user closes an open paywall.

Developers can listen to the close events to log user-triggered close actions on their side or they can use it to trigger another paywall or another action in the app flow.

Close event is not sent when a paywall is closed by the app using close method.

You can check out the following guide to learn more about listening to all the SDK events and parameters:

You can also check out the following guide for troubleshooting the most common errors while setting up the in-app purchases and Deepwall SDK :

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