Texts and Translations

Learn how to add and edit texts on your paywall.

Deepwall manages all text and translations on your paywalls without the need for any additional code to your app.

While you are creating a paywall from management console, you provide texts in all languages supported in your app and Deepwall displays texts on the paywall in each user's own language. If a user is using an unsupported language then Deepwall displays texts in primary language as selected for your app.

See the following guide to learn about configuring languages supported by your app:

pageApp Registration

Edit Translations

You can add/edit texts on your paywall from the Design tab in the create or edit paywall page. Find the text you want to add/edit and click the edit button.

The Edit Translations popup will appear with the list of texts to be entered for all the supported languages in your app. You can either enter the text in your supported languages or you can select the Leave Empty checkbox for the texts you want to keep blank.

When you have completed text entry you can click the Update button. You can use the Refresh button to preview your changes on texts and change the language in preview to see the text in selected language.

Variable Values In Texts

Deepwall helps you display variable values like price and free trial periods using special parameters. If you will use price in your text, you can use the {PRICE} parameter for Deepwall to display prices in each user's own currency. Similarly, you can use the {FREEDAYS} parameter for Deepwall to display the latest free trial days offered for the user's own country.

Deepwall also provides calculated price values for different periods if you want to make use of them. You can see the list of parameters below :




Price of the in-app product in each user's currency


Free trial days offered in each user's country


Calculated daily price in each user's currency


Calculated weekly price in each user's currency


Calculated monthly price in each user's currency


Calculated yearly price in each user's currency

Import Translations

Deepwall helps you save time on entering translations via the import tool. You can import texts you have entered before while creating paywalls for your app, without the need to enter all translations again.

Just click the world icon next to the edit button to navigate to the import tool.

With the import tool, you can search the text you want to use and select one of the search results and all translations for the selected text will automatically be entered.

Deepwall Translation Service

Deepwall Translation Service is a free service that Deepwall offers to its users. Users can easily access thousands of translations via the translation service which will help you find and use texts you don't have translations for in seconds. To find a text translation via Deepwall Translation Service, select the Search in Deepwall Translation Service checkbox before searching a text in the import tool.

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