Update Experiments

Learn how to manage your experiments

Edit Experiments

You cannot change the paywall selection in your experiments after you have activated them, but you can make changes on the target users or you can change the traffic allocation option while an experiment is running. Your changes take effect immediately.

For editing an experiment, navigate to the experiment menu, click the edit.

Pause Experiments

A running experiment can be paused whenever you need, and you can restart a paused experiment anytime. When you pause an experiment, your your users are not matched with the experiment anymore. To pause or restart, use the play/pause icon on the experiments.

Complete and Archive

You can set an experiment as completed after you have paused if you don't want to use it again. It's not active anymore and you can't restart, but you can still access experiment reports.

If you don't need to access the experiment reports, you can archive them forever.

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