Paywall Setup

Learn how to create, design and manage cloud-based paywalls.

Paywalls in Deepwall are the in-app purchase pages shown in your app for your users to make purchases to access to paid features of your app.

Deepwall provides cloud-based paywalls which are created, designed and configured remotely from the Deepwall Console, and gives you flexibility and speed by eliminating development cycles and review processes.

General customizable elements of a paywall :

  • Offered in-app products

  • CTA button which triggers purchase

  • Texts and font

  • Images/Videos

  • Colors

  • Footer including terms of service and privacy links

  • Restore button

  • Close button

Deepwall offers a large number of ready design themes with different layouts offering single or multiple products. Every theme is tested to have high conversion and compliant with guidelines and best practices. You can choose what themes you'd like to use and make customizations without any coding experience.

Using the customization tools, you can:

  • Use your own texts

  • Manage translations for multi-language support

  • Choose your font color, style and size

  • Upload your custom font files

  • Use your corporate colors

  • Use your own media (Images, Videos and Icons)

  • Add a background image

  • Change background colors

  • Use your own web links

  • Add animation to CTA button

  • Use a different design for dark mode

You can create as many paywalls as you want, test different design and products to find the paywalls with the highest conversion rates and revenue for your app.

See the following guides to learn the details about paywall setup:

pageCreate A PaywallpageConfigure Look & FeelpageTexts and Translations

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