Create Targeted Displays

Learn how to create targeted displays

In this section, we cover how to create displays for different target audiences by targeting them according to their countries, languages, and/or by targeting them according to their attribution.

1. Click Add Display from the Display tab

2. Give a name to your display and select the in-app action in Basic Settings. Optionally you can enter a description and then click Next to proceed to the next step

3. Select your targeted users that you want to display paywalls to, then click Next

Target Criteria


Campaign Keyword

Enter a campaign keyword if you want to target users coming from ad campaigns including specific keywords.


Select ad channels you want to target users coming from specific channels.


Select countries if you want to target users coming from specific countries.


Select languages if you want to target users using specific languages.

App Version

Enter your app version if you want to target users using specific app version.

If you want to target users with campaign keywords or channels you'll need to use an attribution provider like Adjust or AppsFlyer and you should enter your attribution provider credentials from App Settings to be able to run the display.

Country and language of the user is the country code and language code configured in Deepwall SDK by your client app. You can see the following guide to learn more about user properties configuration.


4. Choose the paywalls for Paywall for first display and next display. Then click Next

Paywall for first Display

Users who installed and opened the app for the first time will see this paywall

Paywall for next Displays

Users who open the app more than once will see the paywall.

Deepwall allows you to display different paywalls to your users who installed your app for the first time, and to your users who use it regularly. For example if you want to display a special welcome paywall for your new users, you can select this paywall for the first display, and you can select another paywall for subsequent displays for your users' next visits.

You can also select None for first display or subsequent displays for not displaying any paywalls.

5. Select display frequency and max display count preference and then click Create Display to create your display.

6. When you are finished with the display configuration, start it by clicking Run Display. Now your targeted users will start seeing the paywalls you have set.

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