Troubleshooting the most common errors while implementing and using Deepwall

1. Paywall does not open

1.1 Check if the client API Key is true.

1.2 Check if the in-app Action Key is true.

1.3 Check if the default display for the action key is running.

1.4 Check if the paywall display is selected and is not None.

1.5 Check if the product codes offered on the paywall are correctly configured on the related platform.

1.6 Check if your bundle ID matches the bundle ID in the related platform.

1.7 Check if you are logged into an iTunes account if you are testing on an emulator.

1.8 Check if you have completed all the contracts for your developer account.

You may need to complete some contracts for your account. Make sure all the contracts are complete, especially the Paid Applications contract with Apple.

2. Paywall is not displayed in the application language

2.1 Check if the language code is set correctly while configuring user properties

2.2 Check if the language of your app is in the supported language list of your app

2.3 Check if the paywall texts are entered correctly for the language of your app

2.4 Check if you added the language of your app into the supported languages after you have created the paywall

3. I can't start the display / experiment

3.1 Check if you have selected a paywall to display

3.2 Check if you have entered the mobile platform integration key

3.3 Check if you have entered the attribution provider key if you are using channel or campaign based targeting for your display or experiment

4. Paywall does not close after purchase made

Deepwall does not close opened paywalls and gives the initiative to developer to take the necessary close action in their app flow. See the following guide for more details.

pageClosing a Paywall

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