Key Concepts

Learn about key concepts of Deepwall.


A Platform in Deepwall is the mobile platform where your app is on sale and in-app purchases are processed. Deepwall supports 3 major mobile platforms:

  • App Store

  • Google Play Store

  • Huawei AppGallery


An App in Deepwall is your mobile app which is on sale or will be on sale soon in App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery. Apps should be registered to Deepwall from the Deepwall management console to be able to activate Deepwall services for a specific app.

Your app on every platform is a different app and should be registered as a seperate app on Deepwall.

In-App Products

In-app products in Deepwall represent the in-app products (subscriptions or one-time purchases) that users purchase on mobile platforms (App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery) via your mobile app.

In order for the in-app products to be offered to your users over Deepwall, in-app products that are created on mobile platforms should be registered to Deepwall from the Deepwall Console.

Whenever a user purchases an in-app product offered in your app, Deepwall creates an in-app purchase on the mobile platform and the mobile platform processes the IAP and charge the user.

In-app products are not created or configured via Deepwall. In-app products should first be created on the related mobile platform and registered to Deepwall as defined in the mobile platform.

In-App Actions

In-app actions in Deepwall are the checkpoints where you want to raise a paywall in your app which can be a startup action if you want to raise a paywall after the app launch or it can be an action triggered to unlock premium contents. The number of in-app actions depends on the app.

In-app actions for the apps are created from the Deepwall Console and in-app action keys should be sent while requesting a paywall via Deepwall SDK in the app.

See the following guide to learn about configuring in-app actions.


Paywalls in Deepwall are the in-app purchase pages shown in your app for your users to make purchases to gain access to the paid features of your app.

General elements of a paywall in Deepwall are:

  • Offered in-app products

  • CTA button which triggers purchases

  • Texts and font

  • Images/Videos

  • Colors

  • Terms of service and privacy links

  • Restore button

  • Close button

Paywalls are created, designed and published to your users from the Deepwall Console.

Paywalls used to be natively coded into apps, requiring time and effort for development and maintenance. Deepwall makes life easier by helping you create and manage paywalls remotely with a few clicks!

Design Themes

Visual design of a paywall is very important for converting users and for being compliant with mobile platform guidelines. Deepwall provides numerious ready design themes improved to get better results while adhering to best practices.

It is very easy to create a paywall using a design theme and you can customize it for your app from the Deepwall Console.


Displays in Deepwall allows you to manage which paywalls will be displayed to which target users.

You can geographically target your users and display different paywalls to your users in different countries. You can also use attribution based targeting to display campaign or ad channel based paywalls to your users.

You also have options to display different paywalls to your users who installed your app for the first time and for your users who use it regularly.

You can manage your displays and monitor conversion and revenue metrics from the Deepwall management console easily.


Experiments help you to carry out a/b tests to compare performance of different paywalls and give you data about user behavior. You can monitor experiment results and change traffic allocation to top performing paywalls to maximize your revenue.

You can perform design tests to understand your users reaction to visualization or you can compare conversion of subscription options with different prices, durations or introductory offers for specific target users.

Experiments are created and monitored from the Deepwall Console.


Besides experiments, Deepwall provides a powerful optimization tool to maximize your revenue by analyzing user behavior and automatically allocate traffic to best performing options.

Optimization algorithm analyzes app specific in-app purchase metrics and makes accurate lifetime value predictions to offer the most revenue-generating options to each user.

Optimization is an option for all experiments which can be easily enabled/disabled and optimization results are monitored from the Deepwall Console.

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