Getting App Credentials

Learn how to get app credentials and secret from Huawei App Gallery

Your Huawei app in Deepwall should be a mobile app that is live or will be live soon on Huawei AppGallery and it should be configured on Huawei AppGallery before registering to Deepwall.

You need to provide the app credentials to Deepwall after you have created your app on the Huawei App Gallery.

Deepwall also needs the app-specific secret for performing server-side receipt validation. So you need to get the app secret from Huawei App Gallery and provide it to Deepwall as well.

Follow the steps below to get the app credentials and secret from Huawei App Gallery and configure them in Deepwall.

1. Log into your account on AppGallery Connect.

2. Click My apps.

3. Click App Information under the Release app tab.

4. Copy your Package name from the screen.

5. Paste your Package name to the Bundle ID section on the Deepwall panel.

6. Copy your App ID and App Secret from the screen App Secret and App ID under the Huawei Configuration section in the Integration tab

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