Cordova SDK

Instructions for installing Deepwall Cordova SDK

Cordova SDK provides wrapper methods for Deepwall iOS and Android SDKs.


  • iOS 10.0+

  • Android API Level 21+


Deepwall for Cordova is available on GitHub.

1.Add plugin in the dependency section

$ cordova plugin add

2. Add AndroidXEnabled as true in the config.xml of your application.

<preference name="AndroidXEnabled" value="true" />

Additional Setup for iOS

1. Set minimum ios version to 10.0 in ios/Podfile and add use_frameworks! into ios/Podfile

2. Add pod 'DeepWall' into ios/Podfile and remove flipper from ios/Podfile if it exists.

platform :ios, '10.0'
pod 'DeepWall'

3. Run pod install

cd ios && pod install

Additional Setup for Android

  1. Set minSdkVersion to 21 in android/build.gradleand add the Deepwall library into repositories under allprojects.

allprojects {
   repositories {
       maven { url '' }

Import and Use

Now you can use DeepWall by importing Deepwall to your project. Learn how to configure and use the Deepwall SDK using the following guide.

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