App Tracking Overview

Learn about Deepwall App Tracking Module for iOS 14

As you may already know, Apple recently announced that developers will be required to get permission through the Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework prompt for any data collected in an app that’s being used for tracking.

If the user does not opt in via this method, Apple ruled that developers can only use SKAdNetwork for tracking attribution.

These changes are likely to come into effect with the release of iOS 14.5 in early spring 2021.

Most of the developers prefer attempting to gain user consent via the App Tracking Transparency framework which will help accessing granular attribution data and will preserve IDFA that allows developers to understand users journey, better understand campaign performances, and serve more relevant ads in their apps.

Deepwall App Tracking Module

Using Deepwall's technological infrastructure for cloud managed paywalls and in-app purchases, we have developed a custom module for iOS 14 ATT prompts.

Cloud-managed ATT Prompts

Deepwall App Tracking module provides cloud managed ATT prompts that can be raised in different places in the your app flow like you do for paywalls, and you can display different pre-permission prompts informing your users about why you want a permission before raising the ATT prompt.

See the following guides to learn about creating and displaying ATT prompts.

Configure In-app ActionsCreate ATT PromptDisplaying ATT Prompts

Seamless AppTrackingTransparency Framework Integration

Deepwall integrates AppTrackingTransparency framework seamlessly without need for any code in your app. The Deepwall SDK takes care of everything for you!

Supported SDK Versions

Deepwall SDKs support App Tracking Transparency after certain versions.

  • iOS SDK 2.2.0 +

  • React Native SDK 2.7.0 +

  • Flutter SDK 1.2.0 +

  • Cordova SDK 1.1.0 +

  • Unity 1.1.0 +

A/B Testing with Experiments

While Apple lets developers customize some of the text in the ATT pop-up, there isn’t much room for your message to convince your users to opt into tracking.

So a pre-permission prompt means to provide more information about your app’s privacy controls and why you request app tracking consent from your users before they are presented with the choice to allow or deny app tracking.

It is highly recommended that developers should test usage of different pre-permission prompts vs direct ATT modal for their apps and compare the test results before deciding on the best prompt, and its timing and location for showing.

Thanks to the Deepwall App Tracking module, you can test different design and message combinations with different timing on different user groups using the Deepwall web console like you do for paywalls and optimize ATT prompts to get maximum permission from your users.

See the guide to learn more about ATT Prompt Experiments.


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