Create ATT Prompt

Learn how to create ATT Prompts

In this section, you will learn how to create ATT prompts for your app from the Deepwall Console without any coding.

Create a ATT Prompt

1. Navigate to the App Tracking -> ATT Prompts menu on the Deepwall management console

2. Click Create New ATT Prompt

3. Name your prompt and write a description, then click Next to proceed to the next step

4. Select a theme you like by clicking one of the design theme image

5. Configure the message and look & feel of your prompt to visualize your prompt the best way to reflect your app

6. Check previews for different languages and screen sizes

Web preview does not show ATT request popups, only shows pre-prompt page. To check native ATT prompt you need to test on the mobile device.

Deepwall provides a live preview of the pre-prompt pages which is very close to how it looks on the mobile device.

You can see the preview in different languages supported in your app, also you can preview in different screen sizes, and check how the changes you make will look on different phones and tablets.

Additionally, you can see the dark mode preview to check how your paywall appearance changes with the light or dark modes.

Important Note About Prompt Preview

Although the pre-prompt preview provides a fairly approximate view, it is browser-based, and it may not give exactly the same result as the native app.

We recommend that you always test your pre-prompt pages on different mobile devices.

7. Confirm the ATT Prompt

You'll need to confirm a ATT prompt before publishing it to your users. You can edit your prompts until you confirm them, but once confirmed, editing is not allowed. To make changes to the confirmed prompts, you can create a new prompt by copying it.

Once you have confirmed your ATT prompt, you are ready to publish your prompt in your app. See the guide to learn how to configure display of ATT prompts :

Displaying ATT Prompts

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