Activate Default Displays

Learn how to activate your default displays

Use the Displays menu in the Deepwall management console to manage both default and targeted displays.

Deepwall creates default displays automatically for each in-app action to display to all your users by default. Default displays are put in Pending status when you create your app or added a new in-app action.

Activate Default Displays

1. Click Edit in 3 dots menu to configure default displays and to choose paywalls to display

2. Navigate to Paywalls tab and select paywalls you want to show for the first display and subsequent displays



Paywall for first Display

Users who install and open the app for the first time will see this paywall

Paywall for next Displays

Users who open the app more than once will see the paywall.

Deepwall allows you to display different paywalls to your users who installed your app for the first time, and to your users who use it regularly. For example, if you want to display a special welcome paywall for your new users you can select this paywall for the first display, and you can select another paywall for subsequent displays for your users' next visits.

You can also select None for the first display or subsequent displays for not displaying any paywalls.

3. When you are finished with the default display configuration by selecting paywalls to display, save and just run it to activate using the Start option in 3 dots menu.

Your display status will turn to Running. Now your users who are not being targeted with any other active display will start to see the paywalls you have set for these default displays.

You need to select at least one paywall for the first display or subsequent displays to be able to run a default display for the first time. After you run them, you can unselect paywalls for both if you need to deactivate for any reason.

If you haven't yet entered platform integration values for Apple, Google, or Huawei, you need to enter them before running your displays. You can add these values from the App Settings menu, or you can see the guide to learn more about App Settings.

pageApp Status and Settings

Activate all default displays to make sure your users view the displays as you configured.

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