Integrations Overview

Learn about the events Deepwall sends to other platforms

When you integrate Deepwall into your app, Deepwall collects all the in-app purchase related data and has the ability to send this data to attribution providers or to your server which will enable you to track your users' subscription status and measure campaign performances.

Deepwall validates user receipts directly with app stores and tracks in-app events like trial conversions, renewals, cancellations or refunds and revenue even if a user doesn't open your app.

Tracked and Sent Events

See the guide to see the list of sent events.

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Integration with Attribution Providers

Deepwall logs in-app purchase and subscription events and revenue to attribution providers so that you can track your ad campaign performances without the need of any additional code.

See the guide to learn more about Adjust configuration.


See the guide to learn more about AppsFlyer configuration.


Configure Webhooks

If your app has a backend, Deepwall can send in-app purchase related events to your server.

See the guide to learn more about webhooks configuration.


Integration with OneSignal

Deepwall automatically updates user tags in OneSignal with their latest subscription status. Having the instant and up-to-date subscription data in OneSignal enables you to create targeted campaigns for different user segments.

See the guide to learn more about OneSignal integration:


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