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We ensure successful testing on the emulator, but Google recommends using a real device. If you are using an emulator, make sure that Google Play Services is installed on it.

Sandbox Test User Account Creation

You will need to use a test user account to be able to test the application. This tester will be the first user to sign in to your Android Tester. Note that the only way to change the primary account on a device is to reset it to factory settings. Add the account you use on your actual device here by following the steps below:

  • Log into your account on Google Play Console.

  • Click License testing under Settings on the left side.

  • Register your test user accounts by entering them in the Add license testers field.

Closed Track Creation & Add Testers

You will need to release a signed version of the app on a closed channel. If you haven't created a closed channel yet, you should follow the steps below to create it:

  • Log into your account on Google Play Console.

  • Select your app and go to details.

  • Click Closed testing under Testing on the left side of the menu.

  • You can create a closed track by clicking Create track.

  • When creating the closed track, you are given the chance to create a list of testers. Go ahead and create a list and name it.

  • Re-add the email account you used on your test device to the list of test emails and click Save changes.

To make the user a test user, open the registration URL on your test device (or any browser that has logged in as that test user). You can send the URL to your device, for example, by email.

By opening the link in the browser, a web page with the Become Tester button will be displayed. Press the button and your user will be able to make test purchases on your tester.

Adding a Signed Version to the Closed Track

Create a signed APK or use the Android App Bundle to upload a signed APK to the alpha channel you just created. Installing the APK will be enough.

Find more information on this in this support article.

Testing on Android Devices

For testing from a physical device, the following steps are followed:

  • The account used for the Test is logged in. Settingsโžก๏ธAccounts&syncโžก๏ธAdd accountโžก๏ธGoogle

  • After the Sandbox test account is invited to the application as a tester, the invited email shown below will appear to the logged-in account. Invitation mail content may vary depending on the test environment to be used.

  • After clicking Get started, you will be redirected to the used test environment.

  • In the downloaded application, after triggering the subscribe button on the IAP screen, the native pop-up is shown as the sandbox test account as follows:

Time-based subscription features such as free trials have also been shortened for testing. The following table defines the test times associated with time-based subscription features:

Production subscription period

Test subscription renewal

1 Week

5 Minutes

1 Month

5 Minutes

3 Months

10 Minutes

6 Months

15 Minutes

1 Year

30 Minutes

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