Apple App Store

Sandbox Test User Account Creation

To create a Sandbox test user account, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account on App Store Connect.

  • Click Users and Access on the home page.

  • Click Testers under Sandbox on the left side.

  • Click + to create your test user accounts.

  • Fill out the New Tester form and click Invite.

Testing on iOS Devices

For testing from a physical device, folloe these steps:

  • The created sandbox tester account must be logged in on the device.

  • After logging into the Sandbox tester account, the application is downloaded from test environments like Firebase, Testflight etc. that are used for testing.

  • In the downloaded application, after triggering the subscribe button on the IAP screen, the native pop-up is shown for the sandbox test account.

The following rules apply to auto-renewable subscription: In addition to the accelerated duration, test subscriptions are automatically renewed up to six times only.

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