Learn how Deepwall integrate Adjust seamlessly

Deepwall provides seamless integration to attribution providers like Adjust to determine where your app users come from and use this information for attribution targeting and displaying paywalls with channel or campaign-specific content.

Deepwall also logs subscription events and revenue on those platforms so that you can gauge ad campaign performance without the need of any additional code.

Deepwall automatically integrates your app to attribution providers for targeting your users without the need of integrating their SDKs.

Configure The App Token

For Adjust integration to be activated in Deepwall, first your app should be configured on Adjust. Then you need to provide the Adjust app token to Deepwall from the Deepwall management console.

Navigate to App Settings Adjust tab in Deepwall management console, enter App Token and save.

If you app token is active in Adjust, from now on Deepwall start collecting user attributions and you will be able to target users according to advertise channel and/or ad campaign keyword and track the campaign performances in Deepwall analytics.

You can check out the following guide to get your app token from Adjust and configure it in Deepwall.

pageGet App Token

Configure Events

Deepwall logs in-app purchase related events to Adjust if you enable the events in Deepwall.

For Deepwall to log events to Adjust, first you need to create events on Adjust. Then you need navigate to App Settings Adjust tab and enter event tokens into the general events you want to be logged in the general event list.

See the list of tracked events that will be sent to Adjust if you configure event tokens.

pageEvents List

See the following guide to create events on Adjust.

pageCreate Adjust Events

Add Custom Events

Deepwall also can send custom events for a specific product or group of products. For this you need add Product Special event and select the event type, product(s) and enter the event token in App Settings Adjust tab.

You can add as many events as you need.โ€Œ

See the following guide to learn about the product special event types :

pageEvents List

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