Invite Members

Learn how to invite your team members

When you sign-up to Deepwall, you will have the role of Account Holder where you are the owner of the organization. You can invite members to join your team.

Invite Your First Member

  1. Login your account to Deepwall

  2. Click the Users & Access tab to access the page. Invite members by clicking Invite New Users

3. Enter the email address of the member you want to invite. Choose an app/apps they will have access to and the role they will have. Click Invite to send the invitation

See the following guide to more about roles and permissions :

pageAccess Management

4. You have sent an invitation! To check the invitation and member details, go back to the Users & Access tab

Invitation Status

There are 3 different types of status:




The invitation sent to a member has expired. To resend the invitation, click Resend.


Member has accepted the invitation and became a member.


An invitation has been sent to a member.

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