Learn about ATT experiments
You can perform design and message experiments to understand your users' reaction to different ATT prompts and you can compare the conversion of different combinations for specific target users using experiments.
You can run multiple experiments for different user groups.

Create Experiments

The first step for starting to use an experiment is to create an experiment, select the prompts you want to test and your target users for your experiment.
1. Navigate to the Experiments menu under App Tracking
2. Click New Experiment
3. Name your experiment, then click Next to proceed to the next step
4. Select your targeted users that you want to display ATT prompts, then click Next
Target Criteria
Campaign Keyword
Enter a campaign keyword if you want to target users coming from ad campaigns including specific keywords
Select ad channels if you want to target users coming from specific channels
Select countries if you want to target users coming from specific countries
Select languages if you want to target users using specific languages
App Version
Enter your app version if you want to target users using specific app version
If you want to target users with campaign keyword or channel you need to use an attribution provider like Adjust or AppsFlyer and you should enter attribution provider credentials from App Settings to be able to run the experiment.
The country and language of the user is the country code and language code configured on Deepwall SDK by your client app. You can see the following guide to learn the details of user properties configuration.
5. Choose the In-App Action, and the display type as first display or next display.
In-App Action
In-app Action that you want to display your prompts after
ATT Prompt for First Display
Users who install and open the app for the first time will see this prompt
ATT Prompt for Next Displays
Users who open the app more than once will see the prompt.
Deepwall allows you to display different ATT prompts to your users who installed your app for the first time, and to your users who use it regularly. If you choose first display for your experiment, only new users who install your app for the first time will be targeted by your experiment.
6. Choose the ATT prompts you want to test, at least 2 prompts must be chosen, and you can add prompts as many prompts as you want.
7. When you are finished with the experiment configuration, start it by clicking Run Experiment. Now your targeted users will start seeing one of the prompts you have selected in your experiment.
8. Use Experiment Report to track how many times your prompts have been viewed by your users, and how many ATT consent or denial have been given from this display in detail to compare prompt performances.
9. Change traffic allocation to redirect more users to best performing ATT prompts.