Create Service Account Key

Learn how to create a service account key

Deepwall needs the Google Play Store service account key for performing server-side receipt validation.

Service accounts provide access to the Google Play Developer Publishing API for Deepwall. So you need to create a service account and provide the service account key to Deepwall.

Follow the steps below to create a service account key on Google Play Store and configure it in Deepwall.

Google Play Service Account Key

1. Login your account on Google Play Console

2. Click Settings > Developer Account > API access

3. If the license has not been confirmed before, confirm it

4. To create a service account, click Create new service account

5. After the pop-up, click Google Cloud Platform

6. On the opened Google Cloud platform, click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT

7. subscription-validation-service-account could be written in the Service Account section. Then click Create

Service accounts could also be created by filling in the optional areas.

8. As a role, choose Viewer under the Basic tab

9. On the last step, fill in the sections(optional) and click Done

10. Your service account has been created! In the account list that comes after creating an account, click on the three-dot button next to the created account and click Create Key

11. In the pop-up, tick JSON and click CREATE. The JSON will start downloading and after that, you will receive your JSON file

12. The generated service account must be authorized for the project. To do this, go back to the API access page. If it was successfully produced, the service account should appear in the list. Click on Grant access

13. On the permission page, tick both boxes for authorization

14. You are nearly done! Now login to the Deepwall panel and choose your app 15. Click App Settings, in the Integration tab, click Select Google JSON file and upload your JSON file 16. Click Save to save your changes

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