Learn how to develop your apps easier on the Huawei platform

Deepwall provides SDKs and server-side integrations to the Huawei platform for quick and easy development to make in-app purchases and manage subscriptions.

You can use the following guides for the configurations needed for integrating Deepwall to the Huawei App Gallery platform.

Get App Credentials and App Secret

Your Huawei app in Deepwall should be a mobile app that is live or will be live soon on Huawei AppGallery and it should be configured on Huawei AppGallery before registering to Deepwall.

You need to provide your app credentials to Deepwall after you have created your app on the Huawei App Gallery.

Deepwall also needs the app-specific secret for performing server-side receipt validation. So you need to get the app secret from Huawei App Gallery and provide it to Deepwall as well.

You can check out the following guide to learn more about getting app credentials from Huawei App Gallery and configure in Deepwall.

pageGetting App Credentials

Setup In-app Products

In-app products in Deepwall represent the in-app products (subscriptions or one-time purchases) that users purchase on mobile platforms (App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery) via your mobile app.

So you need to setup your in-app products for your Huawei apps on the Huawei App Gallery first before registering them to Deepwall.

You can check out the following guide to learn about setting up in-app products on Huawei App Gallery.

pageSetup In-App Products

Developer Notifications

Huawei AppGallery Connect provides server push notifications that let us monitor state changes for managed subscriptions and/or one-time purchases with pending transactions.

By enabling real-time developer notifications, Deepwall will receive changes directly from Huawei anytime there is an update to a pending transaction or an existing subscription even users does not open their apps.

You can check out the following guide to learn about setting up developer notifications on Huawei App Gallery and configure it in Deepwall.

pageDeveloper Notifications

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