Non-subscription Purchases

Learn how to manage non-subscription products

Non-Subscription Purchases

Non-subscription products are consumable and non-consumable products.

Deepwall SDKs create and restore in-app purchases for both subscriptions and non-subscription products, and validate user receipts for you without the need for additional code.

You can see the guide for making purchases.

pageMaking Purchases

Consume Products (Google Only)

For consumable products, you need to mark the purchase as consumed for consumable product to be purchased again.

Use this method to enable your app to make the one-time product available for purchase again.

DeepWall.consumeProduct(productId : String)

Using Consume Events (Google Only)

Deepwall SDK triggers events for consumption which gives you the ability to manage the consume flow in your app.

Event for Consume Success

Whenever a consume is successful, Deepwall Android sends a consume success event.

iOS Event

Android Event



Parameters :


Event for Consume Fail

Whenever a consume fails due to an error, Deepwall Android sends a consume fail event.

iOS Event

Android Event



Parameters :


You can check out the following guide to learn more about listening to all the SDK events and parameters:

pageListening SDK Events

You can also check out the following guide for troubleshooting the most common errors while setting up the in-app purchases and Deepwall SDK:


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