App Overview

Learn about the basic overview of your app
The Deepwall App Overview is your in-app purchase hub for quick metrics of your business. You can find and gauge the performances of your app in this section.
Once you choose your app, you will be directed to the App Overview tab.

Available Metrics

Total Install
The number of users opening your app for the first time in the filtered date range
Total Paywall View
The number of times a paywall is seen by your users in the filtered date range
Total Purchase
The number of users making purchases in the filtered date range
The ratio of users who made a purchase in the filtered date range to those who install your app
Active Displays
The number of displays that are currently running
Active Experiments
The number of experiments that are currently running
Learn more about Active Displays by visiting Displaying Paywalls.
Learn more about Active Experiments by visiting A/B Testing.

Available Graphs

Install Conversion
Daily, weekly or monthly conversion trend
Install vs Paywall View
Install and paywall view trends
Top Displays
Which of the displays that contain the designed and published pages are shown the most.
Top Audience
Countries in the top 5 in terms of seeing the purchase page.
Top Channels
A chart of which marketing channel users mostly come from.
In-App Actions
The ratio of each action shown on the purchase page in the application to those who see the total purchase page.