Setup In-App Products

Learn how to setup products on Google Play Store

In-app products in Deepwall represent the in-app products (subscriptions or one-time purchases) that users purchase on mobile platforms (App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei AppGallery) via your mobile app.

So you need to setup your in-app products for your Google apps on the Google Play Store first before registering them to Deepwall.

Follow the steps below to set up in-app products on Google Play Store and get the product IDs to configure in Deepwall :

Create In-App Products on Google Play Console

  1. Click Create subscription

2. Enter your Product ID, enter a Name and Description

3. Choose a Billing period, set a Default price, Free trial, Introductory price, Grace period, and enable/disable Resubscribe. Then click Save to create your in-app product

Get Your Product Code on Google Play Console

  1. Login your account on Google Play Console

  2. Choose your app

3. Click Subcriptions on the left menu under Monetize to list IAPs and get your Product ID

Product IDs can also be received by clicking details(arrow icon).

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