On Close Paywalls

Learn how to manage on close paywalls

With on close paywall feature, you can enable another paywall to be displayed automatically to your users who closed the paywall without making a purchase.

For adding an on-close paywall, use Add Close Action in Paywalls section while creating or editing a display. You can prefer displaying an on-close paywall to your new users by adding an on-close action only for first display, or you can add on-close paywalls for all your users by adding on-close action for both first and next displays.

Display Rules for On-Close Paywalls

You can limit display of on-close paywalls using display rules. You can set display frequency and maximum display count for various scenarios like displaying an on-close paywall once a week or every 2-3 days, or apply a maximum display limit for displaying an offer paywall max 2-3 times to each user.

For adding display rules for on-close paywalls, use On-Close paywall display rules in display settings section while creating or editing a display. On-close paywall display rules settings appears on if an on-close action has been added in Paywalls section.

Display frequency and max display count limitations are valid for users lifetime in your app as long as the user id does not change.

See the following guide for more information about display rules :

pageDisplay Rules

SDK Close Events

On-close paywalls are only displayed with user-triggered close actions, not with app-triggered actions.

Whenever the close button on a paywall is clicked by the user, Deepwall SDK automatically closes the paywall and send a close SDK event to your app. If an on-close paywall is enabled for a paywall, SDK close event is not sent when user closes that paywall. If the user also closes the opened on-close paywall then the close event is dispatched.

You can check out the following guide for more information about SDK close event :

pageClosing a Paywall

Supported SDK Versions

Deepwall SDKs support on-close paywalls after certain versions.

  • iOS SDK 2.4.0 +

  • Android SDK 2.4.0 +

  • React Native SDK 2.9.0 +

  • Flutter SDK 1.4.0 +

  • Cordova SDK 1.3.0 +

  • Unity 1.4.0 +

Deepwall Kids SDKs do not support on-close paywalls for now.

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