Configure In-App Products

Learn how to configure in-app products you will offer

In-app products in Deepwall represent the in-app products (subscriptions or one-time purchases) that users purchase on mobile platforms (App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery) via your mobile app.

Set up Products on Mobile Platforms

Whenever a user purchases an in-app product offered in your app, Deepwall creates an in-app purchase on the mobile platform and the mobile platform processes the IAP and charge the user.

So you need to setup your in-app products on the related mobile platforms first before registering them to Deepwall.

If you have never setup products on mobile platforms, please refer to their respective guides:

Register A New In-App Product

Your in-app products that are created on mobile platforms should be registered to Deepwall from the Deepwall Console. In this section, you will find information on how to configure in-app products from Deepwall Console.

Click New Product from the In-App Products menu.

Enter your Product Code, Product Type and Price in USD in the new product page. If your product is a subscription, you need to enter Subscription Duration, and Free Trial Day(s) as well.

Product Code

Product code is a unique identifier for the SKU on the mobile platform. You can refer to the guides to understand how to get the product codes or setup products.

Product Type

Product type is needed for Deepwall analytics and optimization, so you need enter product type as it is configured in the mobile platform. Deepwall supports all product types in supported mobile platforms.

There are 4 types of products on the App Store:

  • Consumable

  • Non-consumable

  • Auto Renewing Subscription

  • Non Renewing Subscription

There are 3 types of products on Google Play Store:

  • Consumable

  • Non-consumable

  • Auto Renewable Subscription

There are 3 types of products on Huawei App Gallery:

  • Consumable

  • Non-consumable

  • Auto Renewable Subscription

Subscription Duration

Subscription duration is only entered for auto-renewable subscriptions. There are 6 types of duration:

  • 1 Week

  • 1 Month

  • 2 Months

  • 3 Months

  • 6 Months

  • 1 Year

Free Trial

Free trial is entered in days and is only entered for auto-renwable subscriptions. If your subscription has no free trial, then enter 0.


Deepwall always display product prices in the user's own currency as configured in mobile platforms and Deepwall gets the latest price from the mobile platform instantly while displaying a paywall.

On the other hand, in-app product prices need to be entered in USD for Deepwall to use for analytics and optimization.

Country Special Prices

If you use different pricing for different countries, you need to add country special prices by clicking add country.

Notes About Country Special Prices

Country special prices should be entered in USD as well, and, even if you don't create country special prices, users will be able to see the prices in their own currency in the country where they are located.

Click Submit to finish in-app product creation, and your in-app product is ready to go live!

Congratulations! Product configuration is completed.

Now you are ready to start creating and designing your paywalls. See Paywall Setup to learn more about creating and designing paywalls.

Edit In-App Products

You can edit in-app products by clicking the edit icon on the In-App Products page. In-App products can be deleted by clicking the bin icon.

Note About Product Deletion

You can't delete In-App products that are used in a paywall. In order to delete an in-app product, make sure that the product isn't associated with a paywall.

Update Country Special Price

If you need to update country special price or free trial days you can add a new line by clicking Add country, select the country you want to make changes and enter new price and free trial days. Also select the availability date. On the date of availability new price and free trial days will be activated automatically.

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