Test Flows

Here is the recommended checklist for testing:

Design Compliance / UI Testing

We recommend UI tests to be performed on real devices with different screen sizes.

1. Test and see if all paywalls raise at the correct time and places as expected.

2. Test and see if the paywall appearances are tailored to the given design.

3. Test and see if your paywall appearences are as expected on different screen sizes, and don't forget to test on iPads. Below is an example of device sizes for the Apple platform:

4. Test and see what different languages are supported and not supported in your app.

5. Check for languages written from right-to-left (Arabic, hebrew, etc.) to see if your app supports them

Flows to be tested in Purchase Scenarios

Here are the issues that should be considered in this flow:

Does the IAP screen open in areas that need to be triggered in the application?

IAP can be triggered in different areas of the application according to the desired scenario and flow in the application.

Ex: When the application is first opened, when premium content is clicked, etc.

Is the price information shown on the IAP screen the same as the price information shown in the local (Apple, Android and/or Huawei) purchase pop-up?

The price information and currency symbol displayed on the IAP screen must be the same as the price displayed in the native drop-down purchase popup.

Is the currency displayed correctly by region on the IAP screen?

The currency symbol on the IAP screen varies according to the device region.

Ex: $ when region is US, RUB when RU, โ‚บ when TR etc.

Does the IAP screen automatically close when the purchase is successful on the IAP screen?

Once the purchase is completed successfully, the pop-up is shown, this pop-up will be closed and the purchasing screen should close automatically. After the purchase screen is closed, the application is now entering the premium flow.

Does the app work correctly relative to the premium flow?

The premium content found in accordance with the application's own flow is opened, the IAP screen should no longer be triggered in the areas where the IAP screen is triggered according to the application's specific scenarios.

Does the app continue to the premium flow when the app is killed and opened?

When the application is completely closed from the background and opened again, premium content should not be opened in the application and the IAP screen should not be triggered.

If the restore button on the IAP screen is clicked before the purchase, does the notification pop-up show that the subscription doesn't exist?

In the application, if no purchase has been made with the same account, or when the purchased package is expired and the restore button is clicked, "You do not have an active subscription." pop-up should open.

Does the restore occur and the IAP screen close when the restore button on the IAP screen is clicked while using a previously purchased account?

If the purchased has been made with the same account on the app and has not expired, the IAP screen should close when the restore button is clicked and the application should enter the premium flow.

Adjust Integration Tests

  • The advertisement ID information of the device is controlled from the Adjust Insights application.

If the app is not on the device, the app is downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • The display ad information setting in device settings must be turned on.

  • When the Adjust Insights application is opened and the setting for displaying advertisement information is turned on, the advertisement ID information is shown as below.

  • Before starting the Adjust test, it is checked whether the application has been downloaded to the device from the app testing console area in the adjust panel.

    • If the application is previously opened and looks organic, it is not possible for it to have come from the advertisement without resetting here.

    • If the application has been opened before and seems to have came from the advertisement, it is not possible for it to come from the advertisement without resetting here.

Steps to delete advertisement ID

  • Follow the steps: All Settings > Testing Console > Forget Device

  • If the device says ID information could not be found as below, the application can be installed by providing the desired setup.

  • When you want to switch from the organic setup to the ad from the same device or from the advertisement to the organic setup:

    Step 1: The device of the application must be reset and the app must be deleted from the device. Step 2: The advertisement ID information of the device should be deleted from the Adjust panel.

  • When the application is opened in the desired setup, the tracker_name reflected on the Adjust panel and the IAP screen triggered in the application is checked to ensure that it is correct.

If the custom application came from the ad-based setup and the Adjust tracker_name looks correct, the desired IAP should be shown in the application.

  • When the wrong IAP screen is seen in the application, the following steps should be checked:

    • Is the tracker_name shown in the panel correct?

    • Did the device ID and ad ID reset correctly?

    • Is the test tracker link created in the correct format? Example: True: test, test_adjust โˆš Incorrect: test adjust X

    • Has the tracker link been used more than once and become inactive?

    • Has a special paywall been created for the ad setup?

    • Is the paywall specific to the ad editing connected to the right action?

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