Developer Notifications

Learn about sending real-time developer notifications to Deepwall

Google Play Billing provides server push notifications that let us monitor state changes for managed subscriptions and/or one-time purchases with pending transactions. By enabling real-time developer notifications, Deepwall will receive changes directly from Google anytime there is an update to a pending transaction or an existing subscription even users does not open their apps.

Sending developer notifications to Deepwall is required for accurate receipt validation and speeding up webhooks and minimize lagging for analytics.

For Google Play Billing real-time developer notifications, the developer notification URL provided in the Deepwall management console must be set in Google Play Store.

Get Notification Url from Deepwall

1. Open Deepwall and choose your app

2. Click App Settings and copy the link from Google Play Server Notification Url Section in the Store Configuration tab

Follow the steps below to configure developer notifications on Google Play:

1. Setup Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service allowing you to send and receive messages between independent applications. It delivers low-latency, durable messaging that helps you quickly integrate systems hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and externally.

Google Play Billing uses the Cloud Pub/Sub to publish push notifications on topics to which you subscribe.

Establish prerequisites

To use the Cloud Pub/Sub, you must have a project on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with the Cloud Pub/Sub API enabled. If you are not familiar with GCP and Cloud Pub/Sub, read the Quickstart guide.

You can enable Cloud Pub/Sub API by visiting here.

To receive the push notifications, you must create secure backend server to consume the messages sent to your topic. Your server can use the Cloud Pub/Sub Client Libraries libraries to consume the messages.

1. Create a Topic

To start receiving the notifications, you need to create a topic to which the Google Play Billing should publish the notifications. To create a topic:

1. Go to the link below and click CREATE TOPIC

2. Enter a Topic ID and click CREATE TOPIC

2. Create Subscription to the Topic

1. After creating the topic, click the three dots and click Create subscription to create a subscription

2. Enter a Subscription ID, select Push for the Delivery type and enter your Proxy URL under Endpoint URL.

Where can the Endpoint URL be found? When an Android app is created on Deepwall, the Endpoint URL is created as well and you can get it under App Settings > Store Configuration.

3. Choose a Message retention duration, Expiration period, Acknowledgement deadline, Subscription filter, Message ordering, Dead lettering and Retry policy. Then click CREATE to add a subscription to the topic.

2. Topic permission management

Go back to the Subscriptions tab, click the three dots and click View permissions. On the PERMISSIONS tab, click ADD MEMBER to add members

Enter members, select a Pub/Sub role and click SAVE to finish adding members

The account that will be authorized for all the time is the account below.

3. Enable real-time developer notifications for your app

On the Topics tab, copy the topic name under Topic name

  1. Open the Google Play Console.

  2. Select your Android app.

  3. Navigate to the Development tools > Services & APIs page.

  4. Scroll to the Real-time developer notifications section at the bottom of the page.

  5. Paste your Topic name under Real-time developer notifications

  6. Click Send test notification

  7. Click Save changes

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