Display Rules

Learn how to manage paywall display rules

With paywall display rules, instead of displaying a paywall every time, you can add a rule to display a paywall periodically and/or add a total paywall display limitation. You are able to adjust various scenarios like displaying a paywall once a week or every 2-3 days, or apply a maximum display limit for displaying an offer paywall max 2-3 times to each user.

You can manage paywall display rules from Deepwall Management Console by setting display frequency and max display count for your displays and/or experiments.

SDK Events

You will receive the same event for disabled paywall displays in case a paywall is not displayed due to paywall display frequency or maximum display count limitation.

Event for Disabled Paywall Display

iOS Event

Android Event


Parameters :

  • pageId: Int


Parameters :


  • pageId: Int

Deepwall sends the deepwallPaywallActionShowDisabledevent for iOS and DO_NOT_SHOW event for Android whenever a paywall cannot be displayed due to display rules or paywall display is set as None in the Deepwall management console.

See the guide for more information about paywall request SDK events :

pageRequesting Paywalls

Supported SDK Versions

Deepwall SDKs support display rules after certain versions.

  • iOS SDK 2.4.0 +

  • Android SDK 2.4.0 +

  • React Native SDK 2.9.0 +

  • Flutter SDK 1.4.0 +

  • Cordova SDK 1.3.0 +

  • Unity 1.4.0 +

Deepwall Kids SDKs do not support display rules for now.

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