Validating Receipts

Learn how to validate receipts in Deepwall

Deepwall SDK validates receipts automatically after user properties configuration if there is a receipt change.

So, after Deepwall's automatic receipt validation during application startup, if the user is opening the app with Deepwall for the first time, or if there is a receipt change, you will receive a purchase success event if the receipt is successfully validated and a purchase fail event if cannot be validated.

On the other side, you can validate receipts whenever you need in your app flow. Use the validateReceipt method for this purpose and check the purchase success and purchase fail events.

You can use the method with following parameters for different purposes:

  • PURCHASE : Validates latest receipt

  • AUTOMATIC : Validates latest receipt if there is a change since last app launch

Deepwall.shared.validateReceipt(for: .PURCHASE)

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